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I am an aspiring writer and/ or poet. I live for love and I have my hope in the hearts of my best friends and boyfriend. They are the ones who saved me.
I am currently 19, and I love penguins, red pandas and creepy things.
Send me a note of your tumblr, I'll give it a looksee.
Give a llama, get a llama :3
I have not written a single thing of substance for what feels like the longest time. I've written a couple concepts every few weeks but even those I haven't begun expanding on. That said, I've just started my second year of a BA and I am already loving it. Reading Poetry and Ghosts and the Gothic are sure the be my favourite subjects this semester. 

Also, I spent last weekend at Soundwave, my first proper festival! It was certainly not what I expected and the crowds of people were not enjoyable, but I saw some amazing acts and got to spend time with my closest friends. I just find it was an awesome experience and lifted my spirits a lot just in time to go back to studies.

I seem to be most productive in my writing when I have more important things to do, but seeing as I plan on raising my overall mark in the following year I may write a lot or not at all...
  • Mood: Overwhelmed
  • Listening to: Chevelle
  • Reading: The Monk
  • Watching: Aeon Flux


23 since I last beheld you,
19 since my last catty exchange,
when you wished me well
on the eve of my coming of age,

and I, swamped in bitterness,
felt safe in my hatred of you,
in the awful way I spoke
and reminisced.

And I packed away the photos,
the ticket stub to that comedian
you loved, that you took me to see
as it was all falling apart.

We fucked each other right over,
always missing each other, never meeting,
(not that we ever did,
you were always pulling me out)
and I withdrew completely.
I felt I was safe within.
3 days.
It has been 3 days since I saw you
pull up your hood, head down,
as soon as you saw me.

And I laughed; there is safety
in pretending you're superior,
pretending that you feel nothing
until you're a mess of tears, alone.

I wonder if you felt fear or loathing,
knowing you won't answer me.

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I'm glad you liked my Maka Albarn Artwork.

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Just letting you know if you don't watch me or didn't see it that I made another version with Maka in her insane mode.

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Insane Maka Albarn by Chinnaru  

Have a great day.
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