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I am currently studying Literature and History in University, aspiring to be an editor/publisher, if not a writer myself. Poetry/fantasy, with some dabbling in sci-fi and realism.
Finishing up my third semester at uni. Turns out I could've actually done a WRITING poetry course this time round. Will have to wait that out until next year now. I did take a READING poetry course, same lecturer runs both and now he's out sick, so I'm a little worried. I've loved the course, and learnt so much, come to appreciate poetry so much more than pretty words on paper. And my lecturer/tutor is just so incredibly enthusiastic, safe to say he's my favourite so far.

Not sure how many people still follow my work, more than understandable since it's been almost two months since my last piece, far more since I wrote anything worth looking at. Hoping over the next six weeks of holidays, I might come across something to re-inspire me. Will probably end up being more sappy love crap unless I go somewhere beautiful. I've mostly been going between home, uni and my library for quite a while, occasionally hanging with friends, going to small local bands' concerts.

And I've actually been feeling good. Really good. This last semester has been a lazy one (finishing assignments the day or two beforehand) but I feel like I have improved emotionally and as a person since starting uni and being more sociable (if only among my little group of friends outside uni). Hopefully more to come! 
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"Beware sentimentality"
but that is all I have to hold onto.

What more is there to the glaze in your eyes
when you dissolved into bliss
(until I grasped at you
and you flinched.)

You did not know that he was ex
and I was why;
why poured into your mouth
into your chest
into your heat
your sex.

So what do I have beyond
I stride between the fireplace and my sparse desk, opposite corners, the latter just out of reach of the flame's illumination. Empty the past several months. This lonely quarter has not seen sunlight for twice as long. The rest of the house barely  recognises me, groaning on the odd occasion that I explore its vacant rooms. Exploration is usually traversing the hall to the front alcove, where I've instructed the grocer to leave my weekly purchases. The week closes with them rotting this side of the door.
  The London winter should keep them; in most households I'm sure it would. Other houses don't keep their fire stocked and scorching all winter through. Other houses don't reduce their bed to ash. I found I had no need of mine anymore,the little sleep I am blessed with find me on the sofa beside my desk most nights. The upholstery is worn, stuffing peeks through the cracked leather.
The first punch I throw.
Before you come close enough to burn me,
before I am a flood of frustrated tears,
before I am cold empty, listening to the white noise drown the flames.
First attempt

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Maka Albarn by Chinnaru  
What did you like most about it :) (Smile)?

Just letting you know if you don't watch me or didn't see it that I made another version with Maka in her insane mode.

Insane Maka artwork below vvv

Insane Maka Albarn by Chinnaru  

Have a great day.
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